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Moving Into A Fixer Upper? 4 Situations To Utilize Dog Boarding Service

by Leslie Gibson

Boarding your dog is something that you may not do often or at all due to your current living situation. However, you may be getting ready to move into a fixer upper, which means you will likely have a number of great opportunities to utilize boarding service for your dog. If you want to make sure you use this service in a way that benefits your family and leads to a better moving experience, you should learn about some of the situations that warrant boarding your dog.

Moving Out

The day of moving out is when it makes perfect sense to board your dog because you do not want them to feel anxious about the move when so much is going on at the same time. If you are hiring movers, your dog would be watching a lot of strangers entering and exiting the house constantly.

Also, another perk that comes with boarding your dog on the move-out date is that you can feel confident about their safety since they will not be exposed to potential moving accidents.


As soon as you get everything into a moving truck, you may be planning to make a lengthy drive to your new home. This is when you will want to pick up your dog because they are coming for the ride. Once you arrive at your new house, you should consider boarding your dog for a second time because this will allow you to focus entirely on unloading your possessions into the home.


When you find that you need to do a thorough cleaning of the home before moving everything inside, you will want to make sure that your dog is boarded for this process. If you need to use harsh chemicals in certain areas to get cleaning results that will satisfy your needs, you may want to keep your dog away for a night or two to make sure that the chemicals and fumes dissipate.


While it may not happen as soon as you move into the home, you may start making plans to do remodeling as soon as you get your hands on the keys. So, when you end up remodeling by working on it yourself or getting help from professionals, you should board your dog to keep them away from the action while also avoiding excessive barking due to the noise being made.

Although you may expect your move into a fixer-upper property to go smoothly, you can make it even more so by knowing when to utilize dog boarding service.

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