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Getting To Know The Standard Poodle: A Prospective Owner's Guide

by Leslie Gibson

Picturesque and gorgeous, poodles have made a name for themselves in the world of show dogs. And the idea of bringing home a standard poodle puppy is something many people dream of. Before you make that decision, however, it is a good idea to get to know this breed a little better. 

Poodles do need a lot of grooming. 

The standard poodle has thick but soft curly hair with tightly wound curls. Their hair will grow continuously until it is trimmed, unlike a lot of other dog breeds. If you don't regularly brush your poodle, its hair can get matted and tangled rather easily. This means you have to schedule regular visits to a groomer to ensure proper upkeep. Poodles also shed their hair rather consistently, which means regular grooming and brushing is always important. Many poodle owners like to keep their dog groomed with the classic poodle hairstyle, which consists of longer hair on top of the head, at the tip of the tail, around the midsection, and around the paws. 

Poodles do need a lot of exercise. 

Poodles are fancy in appearance, and they are well-known as show dogs that prance through show arenas with grace. However, poodles have a lot to offer beyond their fancy outer exteriors. These dogs are actually incredible hunters, have high energy levels, and need a lot of exercise. It is never a good idea to get standard poodle puppies based sheerly on how they look. If you will not be able to give this dog ample exercise and time out of the house, they may not be the best fit for your family. 

Poodles foster deep bonds with their owners. 

If you want a loyal, loving dog that will devote its life to making you happy, a poodle is an excellent breed to choose. These dogs tend to develop deep bonds with their doting owners, which is why the poodle is one of the most popular pets for senior citizens who live alone. On the downside of this devoted loyalty is the fact that poodles can get so attached to their owners that they grieve if that owner is taken away. And, poodles can show aggression if they fear their beloved owner is at risk of being harmed by another person or another animal. In fact, they can get a little territorial when there is no real risk. Proper training can easily thwart these issues however and make owning a poodle a rewarding experience.