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Important Things To Know About Teacup Puppies

by Leslie Gibson

Tiny and adorable, teacup puppies are the small canine companion that many people look for, but only a select group of breeders will actually have these smaller dogs available. Why is that the case? Teacup puppies, which are also referred to as toy puppies, are not something that just happens naturally; on the contrary, these tiny pups occur due to selective and careful breeding practices by well-experienced breeders. If you have decided that you want a teacup pup of your own, there are a few things you should know before seeking out a teacup puppy breeder to get your new family member.

Teacup puppies are not a designated breed. 

It is a common misconception that "teacup" dogs are a specific breed. However, the teacup attribute is only attached as a reference to a dog that is a small size. You can have all kinds of teacup breeds, such as teacup Yorkies or a teacup Pomeranian spitz. Finding out what breed your teacup puppy is will tell you how that specific breed should be cared for, so it is a good idea to research the different breeds before you ever start looking for a puppy breeder.

Even teacup puppies have the same canine needs. 

Teacups are so small and so cute that it is easy to view them as a small toy, but these little dogs have big dog needs just like any other canine. You have to make sure your new dog gets everything it needs to be healthy. Your new teacup pup will need: 

  • Ample exercise and time to run and play 
  • Good food that is healthy for the specific breed 
  • Interaction with you and other animals 
  • Regular checkups at the vet 
  • Proper training 

Taking your teacup with you is always fun, and their small stature allows them to be carried in the smallest purses and carriers. However, keeping a dog tucked away in a confined space all the time is never good for their health.

Breeders should be carefully chosen. 

Not every teacup breeder out there is going to give you a quality puppy. It is important that you do your research about a breeder and make sure they have good credentials and experience with teacups breeding. Breeders without a lot of experience with these small canines may not know how to properly assess the health and condition of the puppies before they sell them.

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