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Prepare Your Budget for Your New Labradoodle Puppy

by Leslie Gibson

Every dog breed requires different care based on size, coat, temperament, and genetic health considerations. Labradoodles are among the most popular family dogs, but many people might not understand what kind of care these dogs require and how much that care will cost. When you decide to get a puppy, make sure your budget is ready. 

1. Routine vet care

Puppies may come from a breeder with some of their vet work already completed, but you should get a record of what care they already have received. Dogs need several rounds f vaccines to protect them from illnesses, and they also should be wormed frequently and have their dew claws removed. This care is essential to the health of your dog, so make sure you get a quote for routine puppy care from your vet and work it into your budget. 

2. Grooming

One of the pulls that draw people to the Labradoodle breed is reduced shedding. Some gene types of this blend between labrador and poodle have very little hair loss. However, many people do not realize that their dog will still grow a mop of curly hair that will matt and trap dirt. It will need to be professionally cut by a groomer to keep your puppy's coat healthy. Grooming costs should be an ongoing consideration in your pet budget. 

3. Food

Puppies need specialized food to support the rapid growth they experience during the first year of life. Food that has higher nutritional value and fewer filler ingredients will be best for your dog, but they also cost more than your typical grocery store dog food brands. Your vet can recommend the best food for your puppy. 

4. Crate 

A good dog crate is important for training and for resting. Puppies need a lot of sleep, and they do not soil their bedding area. The crate helps give your dog an area for respite from learning and playing, but it also works as a tool for housetraining. Your dog should have a crate that fits its size, so be prepared to change to larger crates as your dog grows. 

5. Toys

Labradoodles are a playful, active dog. Labradors and poodles both come from lines of working animals, which means that have high energy and high intelligence. When it is not channeled through play, activity, and stimulation, behavioral problems can develop. Make sure you have plenty of toys to provide enrichment and interactive play with your puppy. 

If you feel prepared to be a pet owner, start contacting local services who can help you adopt mini labradoodle puppies.