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Is a Ragdoll the Right Cat for You?

by Leslie Gibson

If you are in the market to get a cat, you may be surprised at how many different types and breeds there are to choose from. One of those breeds is the Ragdoll. Before you go out and look for Ragdoll breeders, get to know some of the major characteristics of Ragdolls and the ways that they can benefit your household. Then, you will better be able to tell if this is right breed of cat for you and your family. 

Ragdolls Tend to Be Relaxed

One of the main personality characteristics of a Ragdoll cat is that they are usually chill and relaxed. If you do not want a cat that gets nervous or anxious easily, this is the breed for you. These cats tend to go with the flow better than some other cat breeds, and therefore can adjust to shifting schedules and routines as needed. 

Ragdolls Are Friendly

Ragdoll cats are also quite friendly in comparison to many other cat breeds. If you want a snuggly cat that is often by your side and with you, then Ragdolls are the way to go. Oftentimes, they do not even mind being picked up while some other cats might claw and fight you when being picked up.

This friendliness also bodes well if you have or intend to have children. You want a breed of cat that will more easily tolerate a lot of attention and affection, and Ragdolls are generally that type of cat. 

Ragdolls Are Quite Docile

Another important characteristic of Ragdoll cats is that they tend to be quite docile in nature. This makes them excellent house cats and again, makes them good with children.

However, it is important to know that because of the Ragdoll's docile and sweet nature, they are not the best cats to have outdoors, even part-time. They can be picked off more easily by predators or get themselves in trouble with unkind people because of their docile and friendly natures. They are not bred to be hunting cats, so if that is what you are looking for, you may want to look in another direction. 

Ragdolls Tend to Be Gentle

In addition to being friendly and docile, Ragdoll cats also tend to be gentle. Again, this is good if you have children as there will be a lower likelihood of aggression or scratches. 

Ragdolls Shed Less Than Some Other Breeds

Ragdoll cats do not have an undercoat to their fur. Therefore, they do not shed nearly as much as some other comparable breeds of cat. This can be beneficial in that you will not have to clean up fur as much. It can also help if you have cat allergies and still want to get a cat. 

Now that you know some of the main characteristics of Ragdoll cats, you can start looking for Ragdoll breeders in your area as soon as possible to get your new cat.