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4 Pet Services Offered By Animal Care Hospitals

by Leslie Gibson

As a responsible animal owner, it's your job to get your pet everything they require, whether they're sick, injured, or healthy. Veterinary care is important for pets of every species, and many pet owners choose to get that care from an animal hospital. An animal care hospital can provide all the medical services your pet needs throughout their life. Here are just a few specific services that they offer.

1. Spay and Neuter Services

Spaying and neutering is the right choice for most pets. Having your pet neutered can protect them from certain types of cancer. It can also curtail unwanted behavioral issues common to intact pets. According to the ASPCA, animal care hospitals provide spay and neuter services for pets as young as eight weeks old.

2. Dental Care

Pets rely on their teeth to a greater extent than humans do. Animals need their teeth to eat a healthy diet, but they also use their teeth as tools to play and interact with the world. Dental care is crucial for animals. You should brush your pet's teeth at home, but sometimes additional care may be required. If your pet shows signs of a toothache, such as having a reduced appetite or pawing at their face, they need veterinary dental care. At an animal hospital, your pet's dental issues can be addressed while they are safely under anesthesia.

3. Emergency Care

As a pet owner, you hope that your pet will never require emergency care. However, accidents happen, and it's always best to have a plan just in case. If your pet becomes sick or injured, emergency care can save their life. Animal care hospitals are often open 24 hours a day for emergency cases, and appointments are not required. If your pet is hit by a car, prompt surgery can save their life. Choosing an animal hospital as your pet's primary source of veterinary care can ensure continuity of care in the event of an emergency.

4. Pet Boarding

Pets require constant care and supervision. If you go on a trip, you can't simply leave your pet at home. Many animal care hospitals offer pet boarding services. If you decide to board your pet at an animal hospital, they will be kept in a clean kennel. They'll be given food, water, and the appropriate amount of exercise. Animal hospital boarding services are ideal for pets who require an exceptional amount of care due to a recent surgery or preexisting condition.

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