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Want To Buy A German Shepherd Puppy? Information That Will Help You

by Leslie Gibson

If you want to purchase a new German Shepherd puppy, there is a lot of information you should know before you buy one. This will help you know for sure that a German Shepherd will be right for you. Keep reading so you can start looking for your new puppy.


German Shepherd puppies are cute and cuddly but you need to know how large this dog will get. Male German Shepherds get up to around 28 inches tall and female German Shepherds get up to around 24 inches tall. How large your puppy will grow will depend much on how large its parents were. For this reason, make sure you find out this information so you will be prepared.

Because this dog gets so large, make sure you have enough room for it. German Shepherds are considered house dogs as they are happiest when they are with their families. They will gladly sleep in your bed or in your room in their own bed.


German Shepherds are very intelligent dogs, which is why they are often used as police dogs. These dogs also make great guard dogs for you and your family, It is vital, however, that you get your German Shepherd the proper training. Starting this training while they are still a puppy will give you the best results. These dogs are extremely loyal to their family and also have a sweet disposition. They are very active so be prepared to give your dog a lot of exercise. If you do not exercise your dog they will be very hard to handle while in your home as they will have too much energy.


Learning how to properly take care of your German Shepherd will help it live a much longer life. First, you should know that even though German Shepherds do not shed a lot, they do shed all year long. You can cut down on the shedding and keep your dog beautiful by grooming it every day, Make sure you socialize your dog also, which means bringing it around a variety of people, You also want the dog to be around other dogs when they are still young, which will increase the chances of your dog being tolerable when they get older. Giving your dog the proper food is also important. Talk to their veterinarian about what food you should feed your dog.

To learn more about German Shepherd puppies for sale, reach out to a local breeder or vet.