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Need To Board Your Recovering Dog? 4 Details To Prioritize

by Leslie Gibson

Keeping your dog safe and healthy may always be a top priority, but pets can become ill for various reasons. So, after taking your dog to a veterinarian, you may receive specific instructions on caring for them. Going through their full recovery at home is ideal. However, you may need to go on a trip away from home that requires you to board them for a few days.

Finding a boarding facility that will help with recovery should become your top priority.

Dietary Needs

If your dog is put on a specific diet until they recover, you must board them at a place that will follow these dietary instructions. Free feeding dry food is the easiest way to feed a dog at a boarding facility, but your dog might need wet food or a slow feeder for dry food.

A smart plan is to call each facility and tell them about your dog's dietary needs to see if they can accommodate them. Once you find a suitable place, you can bring the food and equipment and write down specific instructions for the employees to follow during your dog's stay.

Live Webcam

Checking on your dog throughout your trip will give you peace of mind because you can see how they act and recover. A boarding facility that offers a 24/7 live webcam feed of your dog's quarters will allow you to watch them whenever they are inside the space. Some facilities even have webcams of the play areas where you may find your dog hanging around other dogs.


A special diet may not be enough for your dog to recover from an illness or injury. So, you may need to give your dog medication once or twice per day to help with recovering. While discussing your dog's stay, you should make sure to discuss their specific medication needs.

Most boarding facilities are capable of giving your dog the medication they need. If your dog does best with a medicine syringe or pill popper, you should bring them to the facility.

Animal Hospital Proximity

While you may expect your dog to make a full recovery, you may feel better about their stay when they are close to an animal hospital. Knowing that your dog is only a short drive away from medical care may give you peace of mind while you are away.

Prioritizing these details and qualities will give your dog an excellent place to stay and recover. To learn more, contact a pet boarding service.