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Facts Worth Knowing As You Shop For Lab Puppies

by Leslie Gibson

Labrador retrievers are known for being friendly easy-to-train family dogs. As such, they are quite popular, and you can truly have your choice if you're shopping for a puppy. But with so many lab pups available from various breeders, you do want to go into the experience with some knowledge. Here are some facts that are good to know as you start shopping for lab puppies.

All colors are the same breed.

Labradors will often be advertised as "black labs," yellow labs," or "chocolate labs." These terms refer to the color of the dog, but rest assured that all are still the same Labrador retriever breed. It's totally okay to have a preference for one color or the other, but in general, you can expect the same personalities and general traits from labs regardless of the color you choose. So, if you've always wanted a yellow lab but a chocolate lab pup comes up and seems perfect, that chocolate lab may indeed be the right lab for you.

There are two sub-types of the breed.

Within the Labrador retriever breed, there are two sub-types. One can trace its lineage back to Great Britain and is therefore known as a British lab. The other has years of lineage in the U.S. and is therefore known as the American lab. The two sub-types are more similar than they are different, but there are a few key differences to note. If you buy a British Labrador, you can expect it to be shorter and more stout with a thicker tail. American labs are often a bit taller and more slender, with thinner tails. That being said, some labs are a cross between the two. If a breeder does not specify whether their labs are American or British, they may be a cross.

Puppies' personalities say a lot about their adult personalities.

This is true of many breeds, but particularly so when it comes to Labradors. The way a puppy acts will tell you a lot about the way the dog will behave as an adult. A puppy that is very energetic and outgoing will likely continue to be high-energy and extroverted as an adult. A quieter, more reserved pup will likely also be friendly, but will probably be one to give strangers space and connect with their family more.

Hopefully, the above facts come in handy when you're shopping for Labrador puppies. Before long, you'll find the right pup to bring home.